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    Wax Hair Removal

    Waxing is a convenient and effective way to remove unwanted facial or body hair. We offer waxing for all parts of your body, including eyebrows, upper lip, underarms, legs, back, bikini, and anywhere else you might have undesired hair.

    After a waxing treatment, you can expect to leave with smooth, beautiful skin. At the end of the treatment, we will apply a soothing lotion, ensuring your comfort and maintaining the softness of your skin. Because the waxing removes hair at its roots, the hair will not grow back for several weeks.


    Eyebrow - $14

    Lip - $14

    Full Face - $39

    Underarm - $25

    Full Arm - $46

    Half Leg - $40

    Full Leg - $55

    Back - $50

    Cheek - $50

    Bikini - $35 and up

    Brazilian Bikini - $80 and up

    Laser Hair Removal

    A procedure to remove unwanted hair by destroying the follicle which produces the hair. This process sometimes requires several treatments. We offer laser hair removal on the following areas:

    • Chin - $75
    • Upper Lip - $75
    • Underarms - $125
    • Bikini - $175
    • Legs/full - $500
    • Legs/half (to knee) - $300
    • Men’s Back - $300-$500
    • Men’s Chest - $300-$500
    ​This service is performed only at Williamsburg Plastic Surgery.


    Eyelash  Tinting - $25

    Eyebrow Tinting - $20

    Eyebrow Shaping - $20

    Body Scrub

    Honey Almond Body Scrub - $80

    Swedish Massage

    60 minutes $75
    90 minutes $100
    Classic full body massage. Perfect for stress induced tension. Swedish massage eases the body into deep relaxation while improving circulation and calming of the nervous system.

    Deep Tissue Massage

    60 minutes $85
    90 minutes $120
    Beneficial in released chronic muscle tension by using deeper direct pressure as well as muscle stripping and trigger point therapy.

    Hot Stone Massage

    60 minutes $90
    90 minutes $120
    Induce deep relaxation with the warmth of stones to penetrate muscles and unlock connective tissue.

    Pre-Natal Massage

    60 minutes $85
    Pregnancy massage focuses on the special needs of the mother to be as her body goes through changes during pregnancy. This massage improves circulation and helps alleviate discomfort on the weight bearing joints.


    30 minutes $55
    This ancient technique is based on the concept that your feet are the map to your entire body. Reflexology applies pressure to areas of the feet to restore the flow of energy and balance to the body.

    Focus Massage

    30 minutes $45
    This massage focuses on an area of the body that needs special attention. It also works well with reflexology added on.

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